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Negative effects of sitting for long time when playing Pokies

Recent research shows that long periods of idle sitting contributes to risk of Heart attack, stroke, metabolic syndrome and overall death risk among others. Those who sit for long periods while playing Australian pokies in a land based casino also have larger bottoms, lower life expectancies and slower metabolisms. Studies have shown that extra-curricular trips to the gym, running in the morning before work can’t outdo the effects of sitting in a land casino for the whole day. Here are some of the negative effects of sitting for many hours when playing Australian pokies in a land based casino.

Organ damage

Sitting for long periods can lead to damage of major organs in your body. Heart attack is one of the results of sitting idle for many hours. Sitting for extended hours makes your muscles to burn less fat and blood to flow slowly during. This allows fatty acids to easily clog the heart. Idle sitting has also been linked with increased cholesterol and high blood pressure. People who sit for many hours are more likely to have Heart attacks than those who seat for fewer hours.

Another body organ that can malfunction when you spend many hours sitting is pancreas. This is a body organ that produces insulin, a very important hormone in the distribution of glucose to the cells. Cells in idle muscles cannot respond to this insulin immediately. This leads to overproduction of insulin. This overproduction of insulin could lead to diabetes and other related diseases.

Studies have also linked long sitting hours with greater risk for breast, endometrial and colon cancers. The theory behind this study has not been well proven. Some researchers argue that regular body movements boost natural antioxidants that kill potentially cancer causing cells.

Trouble at the top

Moving muscles allow pumping of fresh blood and oxygen through the brain. This triggers the release mood enhancing chemicals. When you spend many hours sitting while playing Australian pokies, everything slows, including brain function. If most of your idle sitting occurs craning your neck forward or tilting your head, you can suffer from cervical vertebrae. This could lead to permanent imbalances. You may also suffer from sore shoulders and back. Slumping forward strains the shoulders and back muscle. The most affected muscle is trapezius, the muscle that connects the neck and shoulders.Muscle degeneration

When you move or stand, muscles in your abdomen keep you upright. But when you sit for many hours, these abdominal muscles go unused. This leads to tight muscles and wimpy abs that form a posture wrecking alliance. Sitting for many hours can also make your hips tight. Flexible hips help keep you balanced. Chronic sitters rarely move their hip muscles in front, making them short and tight. This limits the range of motion and stride strength. Limp glutes can also grow weak. This can affect your ability to maintain powerful strides.

Leg disorders

Sitting for many hours leads to poor blood circulation to the legs. This causes fluid buildup in the legs. This leads to problems such as swollen ankles and dangerous blood clots. Your bones can also make your bones weak. Walking, running and other exercises make lower body bones to grow thicker, stronger and denser.

Bad back

This is one of the most common problems among chronic sitters. Spending the whole day sited on a chair strains your spine. When we exercise, the soft discs between vertebrae contract and expand like sponges, soaking up nutrients and fresh blood. However, long sitting hours leads to unevenly squashed discs. It also makes collagen to harden around ligaments and supporting tendons. This makes most people to experience back pains and could lead to loss of money in medication.

Disk damage

People who sit while playing Australian pokies in land based casino are at greater risk for herniated lumbar disks. Psoas muscle normally travels through the abdominal cavity and, when it tightens, it pulls the upper lumbar spine forward. This leads to weaker discs. Long sitting hours can also lead to more stress on sitting bones. This can make the bones weaker and lead to pain. Thus it is important that you take some time to walk around. Sitting will only weaken your body and make most of the parts ineffective. So next time you go sitting for long periods remember the above health negatives of your action.

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