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Medical Word Games for Study

medical studentDo you get bored studying? Do you have trouble trying to remember medical terms? Sometimes studying can become tedious and stressful. There is a way to make it fun. There are medical word games that can help beat the stress of studying. Why not have fun while you are studying?

If you need a way to remember medical words, you can play medical word search. This game is similar to the popular search-a-word games. You will search for medical words, which will help you become familiar with the terms. You will play this game the same way you play search-a-word. You look for each word up, down, or diagonally.

Another way to remember medical terms is by playing medical crossword puzzles. This is similar to crossword puzzles. There are different levels to the puzzles. The levels are easy, medium, and hard. The puzzles are about different types of medicine so it will help you become familiar with different types of medicine. It will also help you learn how to spell the terms because you will have to fill in the grids with the terms. In order to complete the puzzle, you have to spell the terms right.

If you want to quiz yourself, you can play instant quizzes. This games gives you a chance to quiz yourself on what you have learned. It is a multiple choice quiz. One set of questions combines medical terms together and asks you what it means. One quiz is learning abbreviations of medical terms. Another quiz is to know the plural form of each word.

Another game is a spelling or transcription test. This game will help you learn how to spell the terms. There are four levels for this game. You have to listen and learn how to spell. These are levels one and two. Level three is the most difficult because this one is experience. Level four is an actual doctor dictating with a normal playback speed. You need a media player to perform level four. Your computer must have audio capability to play this game.

You can play sudoku. This game is played in different levels. You won’t learn any medical terms with this game, but you will learn how to strategize. This will take your mind off of your studies because you will be focused on trying to figure out the game.

You can play a word guessing game. This game is similar to Hangman. It will give you a chance to figure out how many medical terms you know because those are the only words used in the game. You set the level of difficulty based on how many guesses you take. There are three levels to this game. The levels are beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

A great game to play is medical terminology bingo. The game introduces combining forms, learning word parts, and learning their meanings. Filling in bingo cards will help medical students learn medical terms. They can study the cards, which will help them remember.

These are some medical word games that you can play to help with your studying. Try and relax and have a little fun with it. There’s nothing wrong with having fun while learning.

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