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About Medical studies in general

Medical studies can be simply defined as the practice of medicine whether it can be as a physician or after that the post graduate and research based studies when you dig more into this field. We can say that examining diseases, suggesting cures for them and creating cure for the diseases comes into medical studies. We have been using medicine since the day people applied different leaves to their wounds in the Stone Age and got relief. Well it was known long after this era that these leaves can be called medicine because at that time it was just a human instinct which further grew into a whole new field. After the advancement of science the field of medicine also expanded and now we have specified study for the study of medical aspects of humans, another specified study for the study of medical aspects of animals and specified field of the study of medical aspects of plants.

biology-220005_640In medical studies the students learn about the living organisms and their internal systems in detail. The study of humans, animals and plants are categorized differently .A lot of research has been done in all  these fields and now these fields have their specialized study and degrees. The person who is to study about human will require to study about the human internal system and diseases specifically for 5 or 6 years to become a practitioner of medicine for the humans. Same numbers of years are required for another person to get qualified to treat animals and plants and their diseases.

Basic education of medical starts at the medical school.The students is required different qualifications to enter the medical studies. You must have basic knowledge of biology if you want to enter the medical field. In most of India, China and Europe the basic medical studies on bachelor level are of 5 years including a year of house job and you can enter the medical studies when you are an under graduate while in America you are allowed to enter the medical studies after receiving you bachelors degree. Subjects like anatomy, physiology, bio chemistry, internal medicine, obstetrics, psychiatry, surgery and gynecology are included in the basic study. In most of the countries the medical studies are system based. Medical studies have been considered having the most difficult study outline as compared to all other courses taught all around the world.

operatingAfter acquiring the M.B.B.S degree the medical students are called doctors and they can practice medicine .There are further degrees in medical like F.C.P.S,R.H.M.P etc. which are equal to the post graduate studies. It is based on more deep research in the medical field but you are only allowed to study these programs if you have completed your education successful at a medical school.
Every country has different criteria for the students who do medical studies from foreign countries or are foreigners and they test their abilities before allowing them to practice medicine in their own country. In America you have to score more than 90% in M.L.E test as a foreigner to be allowed to practice medicine in America while as a local you have to score 75%.

Veterinary Medicine is the name given to the medical study of the diseases, infections and the cure of these for the animals. The history of Veterinary medicine goes back to old Egyptian age and the Buddhist age in sub continent. The first institution o veterinary medicine was first built in France and it is a wide field covering all the aspects of medicine related to animals and all the species that are included in the list of animals. There is proper education system of veterinary medicine equal to the degree of M.B.B.S and you must be certified to work legally as a professional veterinary practitioner. A lot of research is being done now days in veterinary medicine.

Surgery is also a specialized field of medical studies. After acquiring the bachelors in medical studies you are eligible to enter the field of surgical studies. Surgery is commonly known as an operation. The field of surgery goes back in the history to the ancient Greeks who performed eye surgeries and brain surgeries even the starting form of plastic surgery. Then it were the Arabs who took this field to whole new level by introducing different elements and processes in this regard .Surgery basically consist of incision and dissection processes. First incision is made to reach the place which is in need of surgery in the human or animal body, and then it is dissected and then operated. A practitioner is required to have a practice experience of almost 4, 5 years to be eligible for the study and practice of surgery as it is not an easy job to do.

medical studies nurseWhen it comes to the medical studies as any other profession there are some ethics of this profession too which are strictly to be followed. First of all the patient has every right to choose or refuse ay kind of medical treatment and practitioner is not allowed to interfere in the decision. Secondly a practitioner should act in the best possible way for the patient. The practitioner must be just and not classify his patients on the bases of class, creed, color and religion. He must treat them all equally without any difference as it is his responsibility to do so.

In today’s age it has been become a common practice that you can learn online It has also become common in medical field. Many medical colleges are giving medical studies online with visual help to get more idea of what really it is. Thousands of students today all around the world are getting medical education online. The issues of certifying people online and the eligibility of this process has question marks on it as it depends upon the honesty of the student. The students who are allowed to study medical online are also required to give exams online which can be given by anyone else than these students on their behalf as there is no perfect regulatory system online to make sure that the registered student is giving the online exam. Also the data available on the internet and in books can be used for answering the questions in exams which also lessens the credibility of the online education system of medicine.

The Para medical studies also come into the medical studies as the male and female nurses and the lab staff also must be qualified to work in a better way. The nursing profession is also a very noble profession and the Para medical staff has done a lot for humanity especially in war when doctors are not available everywhere. The nursing degree is of 2 to 3 years in most countries of the world where the nurses are given the knowledge to deal with the patients in an effective and professional manner. The nurses are able to handle an emergency situation and they have the knowledge to treat the patient in early stages of the disease so that the patients don’t get panicked.

operating theaterOnce you get into the research field in medical you are in a whole new world where you don’t have to guess the diseases and recommend their medicine to the patient but you have to research on different diseases and find their cure which is such a great service of humanity. People related to medicine have always been doing great service of humanity whether it’s the time of war or peace .So this profession is regarded as one of the noblest professions all around the world. The researchers of medical field have given a lot of hope to the humanity. They are finding cures on everyday bases for different diseases that are fatal for the human race. We are done with the age of plagues thanks to these researchers and now we are moving on towards curing cancer and aids like fatal diseases.

There was a time when the plagues were a disaster for humanity .Whenever a plague started thousands of people died all around the world without resisting and it was considered a an invincible disease but then the cure of these plagues was discovered by the medical researchers and diseases like black plagues and animal plagues became nonexistent on earth. At present day we have beaten many diseases and found their cure like polio, malaria, and diarrhea. Even the deadly diseases like cancer and hepatitis are curable in the early stages and that is truly a miracle of medical sciences.

nurse checking pulseModern age medicine is criticized on the basis of the gap between rich and the poor. In old ages well may be this gap wasn’t too much but now it is seen everywhere that if you have the money you have the cure of mostly every disease from allergy to cancer. The people related to medicine have made the cures much expensive for the poor to reach .The prices of medicine as well as the practice fee of the practitioner if so high nowadays leaving aside few of the practitioners that it has become impossible for a poor person to get the cure of his or her diseases. Still people in far countries of Africa die of simple curable diseases like flu, temperature and malaria only due to the unavailability of the doctors and the medicine because they don’t have the money to afford these facilities. This is so much painful to realize that the people responsible for curing the diseases of people and giving them new lives in a way are also responsible for taking the lives of thousands of people just because they are not able to offer them some money.

If we thoroughly study the history of medical study we go right from the 21st century to the ancient Egyptians where we find “Imhotep” the first physician of that age which is known by its name. Well if we move to China the first evidence of the use of medical studies goes back to the Bronze Age while the ayurvedic medicine uses have also been traced in those days in sub continent. The Greek physician Hippocrats known as the “Father of Medicine” laid the basic foundation of medical studies of today. He was the one who categorized the diseases. Even today the doctors take the Hippocratic oath before starting their professional careers.

medic testingMuslims have also produced many great practitioners like Ali ibn e moosa Al Ridha,Ali ibn al abbas al Majusi,Zakariya Rzi who is commonly known as Rhazes in the western world whose books were taught even in the medical facilities of west and most famous one Ibn e Sina commonly known as Avicenna in the west who laid the basic foundations of modern day surgery. He was the one who introduced the use of forceps in surgery and he wrote many books on medicine. His books became a guideline for modern day surgery.

Well we can finish this topic on a common thought that is the people related to medical field are considered the noblest people living around due to their ability to heal the pain of affected people and curing the diseases that are fatal for the human race as well as for the animals and plants.

So these people must look above the difference of creed class color and religion when it comes to helping the humanity only then it would be possible for us to create a healthy world.

The practitioners and the researchers of medical field must also try to help the poor patients without looking towards the financial aspects and just considering it as their duty to help the patients whenever they could as written in their oath.

Risks Of General anesthesia Among Elderly Patients

General anesthesiaPatients over the age of 75 have a 35% higher risk of developing dementia. A common side effect of going through general anaesthesia in elderly patients is post operative cognitive dysfunction or POCD. Studies have shown POCD may be linked to dementia many years after surgery.

It is possible that certain anaesthetics can cause inflammation in the brain which then leads to POCD and can cause further complications down the road such as Alzheimer’s.  This link has not been proven yet but there is a strong correlation.

A study involving over 9,000 patients with an average age of 75 was carried out in France. Each patient was assessed at the start and again 2 years than 4 years than 7 and 10 years later.

Some of the key facts from this study were:

33% of the patients had received anesthesia and in the first 2 years. 20% general and 13% local anesthtic.

After 8 years 9% had developed Dementia some with probably Alzheimer’s and the rest non Alzheimer’s.

Of the patients with dementia 37% had received anesthesia however 32% that also had anesthesia didn’t show signs of dementia.

The results concluded that there is strong enough evidence after 8 years those that had general anaesthetic had a 35% higher risk of developing dementia.

Other studies of general anesthtic on children revealed that it much more likely a child will develop ADHD or attention deficit disorder.

Negative effects of sitting for long time when playing Pokies

Recent research shows that long periods of idle sitting contributes to risk of Heart attack, stroke, metabolic syndrome and overall death risk among others. Those who sit for long periods while playing Australian pokies in a land based casino also have larger bottoms, lower life expectancies and slower metabolisms. Studies have shown that extra-curricular trips to the gym, running in the morning before work can’t outdo the effects of sitting in a land casino for the whole day. Here are some of the negative effects of sitting for many hours when playing Australian pokies in a land based casino.

Organ damage

Sitting for long periods can lead to damage of major organs in your body. Heart attack is one of the results of sitting idle for many hours. Sitting for extended hours makes your muscles to burn less fat and blood to flow slowly during. This allows fatty acids to easily clog the heart. Idle sitting has also been linked with increased cholesterol and high blood pressure. People who sit for many hours are more likely to have Heart attacks than those who seat for fewer hours.

Another body organ that can malfunction when you spend many hours sitting is pancreas. This is a body organ that produces insulin, a very important hormone in the distribution of glucose to the cells. Cells in idle muscles cannot respond to this insulin immediately. This leads to overproduction of insulin. This overproduction of insulin could lead to diabetes and other related diseases.

Studies have also linked long sitting hours with greater risk for breast, endometrial and colon cancers. The theory behind this study has not been well proven. Some researchers argue that regular body movements boost natural antioxidants that kill potentially cancer causing cells.

Trouble at the top

Moving muscles allow pumping of fresh blood and oxygen through the brain. This triggers the release mood enhancing chemicals. When you spend many hours sitting while playing Australian pokies, everything slows, including brain function. If most of your idle sitting occurs craning your neck forward or tilting your head, you can suffer from cervical vertebrae. This could lead to permanent imbalances. You may also suffer from sore shoulders and back. Slumping forward strains the shoulders and back muscle. The most affected muscle is trapezius, the muscle that connects the neck and shoulders.Muscle degeneration

When you move or stand, muscles in your abdomen keep you upright. But when you sit for many hours, these abdominal muscles go unused. This leads to tight muscles and wimpy abs that form a posture wrecking alliance. Sitting for many hours can also make your hips tight. Flexible hips help keep you balanced. Chronic sitters rarely move their hip muscles in front, making them short and tight. This limits the range of motion and stride strength. Limp glutes can also grow weak. This can affect your ability to maintain powerful strides.

Leg disorders

Sitting for many hours leads to poor blood circulation to the legs. This causes fluid buildup in the legs. This leads to problems such as swollen ankles and dangerous blood clots. Your bones can also make your bones weak. Walking, running and other exercises make lower body bones to grow thicker, stronger and denser.

Bad back

This is one of the most common problems among chronic sitters. Spending the whole day sited on a chair strains your spine. When we exercise, the soft discs between vertebrae contract and expand like sponges, soaking up nutrients and fresh blood. However, long sitting hours leads to unevenly squashed discs. It also makes collagen to harden around ligaments and supporting tendons. This makes most people to experience back pains and could lead to loss of money in medication.

Disk damage

People who sit while playing Australian pokies in land based casino are at greater risk for herniated lumbar disks. Psoas muscle normally travels through the abdominal cavity and, when it tightens, it pulls the upper lumbar spine forward. This leads to weaker discs. Long sitting hours can also lead to more stress on sitting bones. This can make the bones weaker and lead to pain. Thus it is important that you take some time to walk around. Sitting will only weaken your body and make most of the parts ineffective. So next time you go sitting for long periods remember the above health negatives of your action.

Medical Word Games for Study

medical studentDo you get bored studying? Do you have trouble trying to remember medical terms? Sometimes studying can become tedious and stressful. There is a way to make it fun. There are medical word games that can help beat the stress of studying. Why not have fun while you are studying?

If you need a way to remember medical words, you can play medical word search. This game is similar to the popular search-a-word games. You will search for medical words, which will help you become familiar with the terms. You will play this game the same way you play search-a-word. You look for each word up, down, or diagonally.

Another way to remember medical terms is by playing medical crossword puzzles. This is similar to crossword puzzles. There are different levels to the puzzles. The levels are easy, medium, and hard. The puzzles are about different types of medicine so it will help you become familiar with different types of medicine. It will also help you learn how to spell the terms because you will have to fill in the grids with the terms. In order to complete the puzzle, you have to spell the terms right.

If you want to quiz yourself, you can play instant quizzes. This games gives you a chance to quiz yourself on what you have learned. It is a multiple choice quiz. One set of questions combines medical terms together and asks you what it means. One quiz is learning abbreviations of medical terms. Another quiz is to know the plural form of each word.

Another game is a spelling or transcription test. This game will help you learn how to spell the terms. There are four levels for this game. You have to listen and learn how to spell. These are levels one and two. Level three is the most difficult because this one is experience. Level four is an actual doctor dictating with a normal playback speed. You need a media player to perform level four. Your computer must have audio capability to play this game.

You can play sudoku. This game is played in different levels. You won’t learn any medical terms with this game, but you will learn how to strategize. This will take your mind off of your studies because you will be focused on trying to figure out the game.

You can play a word guessing game. This game is similar to Hangman. It will give you a chance to figure out how many medical terms you know because those are the only words used in the game. You set the level of difficulty based on how many guesses you take. There are three levels to this game. The levels are beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

A great game to play is medical terminology bingo. The game introduces combining forms, learning word parts, and learning their meanings. Filling in bingo cards will help medical students learn medical terms. They can study the cards, which will help them remember.

These are some medical word games that you can play to help with your studying. Try and relax and have a little fun with it. There’s nothing wrong with having fun while learning.

Why you Should Know About Science Insurance

Do you Know About Science Insurance.

medical research cover

Science is part of the many valuable uncertainties which through various circumstances they need an insurance cover. Luckily, insurers recognize this fact and have introduced a number of policies that the science sector requires. There specialized insurance covers, which ensure that research and technology development is still in progress and covered for various unforeseen circumstances. Expert’s advice from insurance professionals can assist to obtain the appropriate cover for you. Identifying the right plan in time is significant to avoid any regrets in the future.

Planning for risks in the science sector is very important for managing the risks that a business may encounter will researching or developing new things/ideas. Science is designed in such a way it covers the field of science from all angles. Specifically, this sector has insurance policies that can be adapted to satisfy multiple circumstances. Nevertheless, the covers change with time because of how the science space is dynamic. Although no cover can fit all cases, most scenarios are harmonized under particular covers. The best thing is that now the policies are flexible and comprehensive than ever before.

Science insurance is now crucial because it also covers many aspects of technology. Furthermore, a more new science field arises by the day. Any business in science field will tell you that many industries have also been absorbed by science.

Science insurance is in essence liability insurance. It is designed to protect science related companies and activities whose setbacks will definitely hurt the well-being of people or even animals. Health industry is also a part of the science insurance meaning basically everyone is a part of this field.

Recently, health insurance policies have become rather expensive. This is mainly because medical science is achieving huge successes and the high demand of doctors. Thanks to science advancements in the health industry now, human life has a boosted lifespan. In addition, health care is improving comfort of people in a very significant way.

Facts been told a lot of inconvenient scenarios have been experienced before the inventions and discoveries we now recognize. That is why science insurance is important in medicine and technology. Major investments in research should not come to a halt just because something bad has occurred. Policies by insurance providers ensure breakthroughs are still in progress no matter comes up on the way. Compared to the positive effect to the future, the science insurance services are priced fairly.

New events like impact of modern lifestyle on man are also subject to cover by policies in the insurance world. A disease like cancer is now a big statement in the medicine world. Science insurance through different policies has stepped in to counter the effect of Cancer and similar diseases. Any person or company has in one a science insurance policy; if not so, you should consider applying for one immediately.

Saving While you Study in New Zealand

It can be quite hard to balance your expenditure with your studying whilst you are at University in New Zealand but there are a number of things which you can do to save money whilst still living a good lifestyle.

The first thing to do is to be very honest about what you NEED to spend and what you WANT to spend. This is an important distinction that you need to make in order for you to be happy and content with what you are spending. If you get this balance right then you will be halfway towards financial security whilst studying. Things that you need to spend on include bills, food and other such necessities whilst things that you may want to spend on are nights out, luxuries and days out. Essentially, you will need to be disciplined if you want to save some money.

Often students will have the opportunity to take a gap year. This is normally a great opportunity to go and travel and a lot of students will do this. However you will need travel insurance and these things can cost. It is a good idea to have a good look around online to make sure you get a great deal.

Next, you need to think about how you can cut down on your expenditure whilst living in New Zealand. The first thing to do is to examine where you buy food. If you are purchasing it from a top-end retailer this may be a source of expenditure which you need to cut down on. Alternatively, if you shop at a budget retailer then you will save money whilst ensuring you buy the same quality of product. The only difference between the food bought in a flagship retailer and one that is bought elsewhere is the brand, not the quality.

Another essential thing that you will have to pay for is accommodation. When one goes away to study they have to stay somewhere and this normally is in the form of either staying at halls of residence or in private accommodation rented from a landlord. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages and they can appeal to different sorts of people. However, it is likely that halls of residence will be cheaper as you are living with a lot of different people and will have to share basic kitchen equipment and facilities and so forth. This is the cheaper option and a viable way of saving money when you are studying in New Zealand.

Furthermore, you can vary in your leisure activities. It may be tempting to spend a lot of money on going to a nightclub but you could have the same sort of enjoyment if you were with your friends just relaxing at home whilst watching the TV or having a party.

Essentially, there are many ways of saving money when you are studying in New Zealand.

7 signs you are in need of a new career

jobs searchingYou’re stuck in a rut.

Remember when you first started in the company and everything was new and exciting? Now you find yourself endlessly bored of your daily tasks that have become mundane. This is a familiar pattern not dissimilar to starting a new romantic relationship. In the beginning when things are new and fresh you are motivated and excited with every new day. Thing eventually turn stale. You need to mix things up or start fresh.

There is no movement up the ladder

Maybe you have been with the company for a year or more maybe less, either way you release that there is no chance of getting a promotion any time soon and that also means your salary has been capped out. There is nothing less motivating in the world to know you have reached your limits.

It’s too easy and there is no challenge

At the start everything was at least a hurdle you had to jump over with some bigger more frustrating challenges too. Now every new day you know exactly what to do and how to do it, it’s become repetitive and to easy.

Your manager drives you nuts

Before you would notice some of your manager’s imperfections but the washed off you like water. Now you find yourself biting your tongue and wish death at every passing comment.

Your colleagues are making you question your sanity

You noticed some of the backstabbing and gossip at the start of your time here but didn’t contribute to the fire. Now you find yourself bashing some of your co-workers along with them for things terribly minor and un-noteworthy.

You feel like your main skills are being wasted

Over the years you have honed your skills and even learnt impressive new ones. These skills are barely used in your current position even though they could be vital to success. This could also be related to why you are angry with your management.

You find yourself dreaming of a better life.

There are plenty of reasons to move on, most of which have been addressed.

It might be best to retrain while you are still working and focus on improving your skills and employability. Retraining to become a forklift truck operator ( learn more about that ) is something you can get your company to pay for if it is beneficial to them.  You can use this skill to fall back on and gain work while you look for a new career. Many companies may let you train and pay for it at the same time if it is something that will benefit the company.

Other things you can do include, learning programming skills like css, html or javascript. These types of jobs are all in high demand and that will only increase as the web becomes a more and more powerful force.

Often people find change the most difficult thing to action. This is why so many of your friends probably complain about their situation but when you think about it they have the power to change it for the better. No one is saying it will be easy, often changes for the best seldom are however you must push through the tough times and be grateful about it in the end.

Solar Powered Medical Kit

small solar panel kitDoctors often have no choice when or where a medical emergency will take place. In a lot of cases the medics will have to perform lifesaving procedures even if there is no light or power. This can make things extremely hard in low light rural areas. This is why DR Laura Satchel’s husband who used to work in the solar industry invented the solar power medical kit.  After experimenting with new ideas that utilized solar power and batteries eventually he came up with a working prototype. This mini solar powered suitcase has now been pushed out to over 200 medical clinics around the world.

Not only are these new kits saving lives around the world they are also very green. Due to the fact the energy comes from the natural light of the sun.

High Court Ruling Mentally Ill Allowed to Leave Care

law-newsAn elderly patient has been allowed to go home even though she is terminally ill. The high court ruled that she can return home to live out the rest of her days in happiness and with meaning. After threatening to kill herself if she remained in care, the judge has ruled this is for the best. Normally she would receive 24 hour care from qualified nurses. The 67 year old has a severe from of diabetes.

If you or your loved ones have a conflict of interest similar to this you may need to seek legal advice. There are often times when we will run into gray areas or where laws may be obstructing what is actually the best action all things considered. This site lists local law firms in your area.

Chiang Mai as a Medical Tourist Destination

If you have never heard of Chiang Mai it is the 2nd largest city based in the north of Thailand. It has been gaining in popularity over the past decade due to its easy going life style and low cost of living. Now Medical tourists are starting to flock over as well.

After Landing in CNX (chiang mai international airport) I rented a car here to explore the area. After driving through the very busy city I passed several hospitals and dentists. One of the major hospitals is the Chiang Mai Ram. The hospital has won many international awards and one of the most recognized medical and safety care accreditation in the world.

The Northern city is a hot spot for excellent dental treatment, surgery and spa and facial treatments. All services are very affordable when compared to western prices.