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Risks Of General anesthesia Among Elderly Patients

General anesthesiaPatients over the age of 75 have a 35% higher risk of developing dementia. A common side effect of going through general anaesthesia in elderly patients is post operative cognitive dysfunction or POCD. Studies have shown POCD may be linked to dementia many years after surgery.

It is possible that certain anaesthetics can cause inflammation in the brain which then leads to POCD and can cause further complications down the road such as Alzheimer’s.  This link has not been proven yet but there is a strong correlation.

A study involving over 9,000 patients with an average age of 75 was carried out in France. Each patient was assessed at the start and again 2 years than 4 years than 7 and 10 years later.

Some of the key facts from this study were:

33% of the patients had received anesthesia and in the first 2 years. 20% general and 13% local anesthtic.

After 8 years 9% had developed Dementia some with probably Alzheimer’s and the rest non Alzheimer’s.

Of the patients with dementia 37% had received anesthesia however 32% that also had anesthesia didn’t show signs of dementia.

The results concluded that there is strong enough evidence after 8 years those that had general anaesthetic had a 35% higher risk of developing dementia.

Other studies of general anesthtic on children revealed that it much more likely a child will develop ADHD or attention deficit disorder.

Solar Powered Medical Kit

small solar panel kitDoctors often have no choice when or where a medical emergency will take place. In a lot of cases the medics will have to perform lifesaving procedures even if there is no light or power. This can make things extremely hard in low light rural areas. This is why DR Laura Satchel’s husband who used to work in the solar industry invented the solar power medical kit.  After experimenting with new ideas that utilized solar power and batteries eventually he came up with a working prototype. This mini solar powered suitcase has now been pushed out to over 200 medical clinics around the world.

Not only are these new kits saving lives around the world they are also very green. Due to the fact the energy comes from the natural light of the sun.

High Court Ruling Mentally Ill Allowed to Leave Care

law-newsAn elderly patient has been allowed to go home even though she is terminally ill. The high court ruled that she can return home to live out the rest of her days in happiness and with meaning. After threatening to kill herself if she remained in care, the judge has ruled this is for the best. Normally she would receive 24 hour care from qualified nurses. The 67 year old has a severe from of diabetes.

If you or your loved ones have a conflict of interest similar to this you may need to seek legal advice. There are often times when we will run into gray areas or where laws may be obstructing what is actually the best action all things considered. This site lists local law firms in your area.

Chiang Mai as a Medical Tourist Destination

If you have never heard of Chiang Mai it is the 2nd largest city based in the north of Thailand. It has been gaining in popularity over the past decade due to its easy going life style and low cost of living. Now Medical tourists are starting to flock over as well.

After Landing in CNX (chiang mai international airport) I rented a car here to explore the area. After driving through the very busy city I passed several hospitals and dentists. One of the major hospitals is the Chiang Mai Ram. The hospital has won many international awards and one of the most recognized medical and safety care accreditation in the world.

The Northern city is a hot spot for excellent dental treatment, surgery and spa and facial treatments. All services are very affordable when compared to western prices.